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Who Are the Dominican Friars? By the Staff of Saint Albert Priory

April 9, 2012

The Dominican Friars belong to the Order of Preachers, an organization that was established in 1216 by St. Dominic de Guzman, who recognized a dire need for educated preaching at the time. Since then, the friars have become more commonly known as the Dominicans, but the organization continues to thrive as a group of men bound together to live a life of prayer, study, preaching, and community, as envisioned by Dominic.

In carrying out this mission, the Dominican Friars have a primary function of meeting specific needs of the churches they serve. This service takes many forms. The friars staff retreat centers, educate the laity through workshops and missions, serve as hospital chaplains, publish books and papers, and preach at various churches and campuses. The friars reach out to audiences through all means available, from television to radio to the Internet.

The Dominican Friars welcome all talents and interests, with the idea that each person uses his own strengths to proclaim Church teachings. They also value each ministry as offering a way to celebrate God’s presence in the world.

About Saint Albert Priory: Located in Oakland, California, Saint Albert Priory serves as a training facility for Dominican Friars.


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