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What Is the Link Between St. Albert Priory and the Rosary Center?

February 15, 2013

The Rosary Center, located in Portland Oregon, is the center of operations for the Rosary Confraternity, an international Catholic movement dedicated to praying the Rosary, in its entirety, each week. Members around the world pray for peace with a united prayer.

The Rosary is a recitation and mental reflection on the Divine life of Jesus Christ. The prayer, comprised of four sections with five decades, or mysteries, each, is a combination of spoken words and internal meditations. All Confraternity members strive to recite the first 15 mysteries weekly; the last five mysteries have been added more recently and are also strongly encouraged.

St. Albert Priory is part of a Dominican order, and thus, is dedicated to supporting the Rosary Center and its mission to promote and teach the Rosary. In the year 1214, Saint Dominic received the prayer from the Blessed Mother as a means of converting sinners. Saint Dominic’s followers, the Dominicans, now carry out the mission to spread knowledge and devotion to the Rosary throughout the world.


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