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About Saint Albert Priory

Established in 1950, Saint Albert Priory maintains a closely intertwined history with the state of California. Originally founded in Monterrey, the state’s former Spanish/Mexican capital, Saint Albert Priory has long adapted to the modern world while still adhering to the fundamentals of its members’ order. Saint Albert Priory’s current location represents its third physical site, including a move to Benicia while it served as state capital.

The educational mission of Saint Albert Priory represents an important part of the order. Originally known as the College of Saint Albert the Great, the education program has since been renamed to the Dominican School of Philosophy and Theology (DSPT). The name change included a physical separation from Saint Albert Priory, and the DSPT is now housed near the University of California, Berkeley.

Saint Albert Priory teaches students in the philosophical and theological traditions of Saint Thomas Aquinas. Members of the order are required to complete eight years of prayer and study before obtaining ordination. The Oakland Western Dominican province offers scholarships to a handful of students who seek to enter the order.

In addition to the four parishes owned by the Western Dominican Province, the Dominicans educated and formed at St. Albert Priory also serve in five other diocesan-owned parishes and 10 University Campus Ministries. The Western Dominican Province, one of four Dominican Provinces in the United States, encompasses all the states west of the Rocky Mountains. Foreign missions served by the Province are located in Mexico, Guatemala, Lithuania, and the Philippines.

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